Words have no limits, thus
they are no longer words
The sea no longer the sea
love no longer love
There's something else between us
so we don't exist     We are others
We are strange mirrors
We are changes in nature, mysterious
Will anything grow from our earth?
The boundless sea grows     How
can we measure it?
We cannot
It's inside the inner balances of our bodies
forever disturbed
The dance has no end
In one hand the sky, in the other the earth
Does the sea grow between us
until it finally disappears?
I don't know     Sometimes
it has retreated
concealed itself
Nothing is constant
Neither is this absence
Words alone are constants
You're in my stomach now, am I in yours?
And rising again, like a
plant, a coil
from the darkness of my throat
Incalculably, beyond
numbers, words
And the order born of this
can't be seen
can't be felt
Have you no meaning, without limits? No!
There is that
which is, also
as if without limits
as if without love
as if without sea
Can I escape this? No!
Do I want to? No!
What is the light that breaks
from your cliff's brow
from your sea's mirror?
I divide your mirror
I divide your sea
I touch your inmost
transparency, your innermost time
Where you are nothing but time
And I split into every color
in the spectrum
before the blinding whiteness
comes     Now I can take
no more!
Now it is over
There is no end
And, from within, your hand
touches me
although this
is impossible

In my body your mountain grows blindingly

I go over your mountain

Göran Sonnevi